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Based on massage techniques from around the world and developed into Swedish massage in the 1800's and is designed to promote relaxation, stress reduction, blood circulation and a general well being, using firm, gentle, smooth, flowing strokes to melt away muscular tension and aches and pains.

This therapeutic treatment also improves flexibility and stimulates circulation to help flush the body tissue of metabolic waste.

Lymphatic Drainage/Oedema

Developed in the 1930's this form of massage is designed to optimise lymph flow, expelling toxins and cellular waste and thereby strengthening the immune system. An especially good and effective treatment for relieving congestion of the sinuses and oedema.

Remedial Massage

Remedial/Sports/Deep Tissue

For work, sport, leisure and maintenance of posture, muscles need to be healthy, supple and in balance. Healthy balanced muscles are also essential to provide correct support, and elimination of problems involving the skeletal structure.

Including myofascial release, soft tissue, stretching, deep tissue and trigger point work treatments benefit problems such as sports injuries, sciatic pain, whiplash, RSI, carpal tunnel, shin splints, golfers elbow, muscle spasm etc.

1 hour - $80
1.5 hours - $110
2 hours - $130

Melanie has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and a Certificate IV Practitioner in Relaxation/Swedish Massage since 1998 and upgraded in 2016.


Melanie recently did a 12 month pilgrimage with her business to places she lived at more than 30 years ago, including Mt Isa and Winton, in North West Queensland, also Darwin and Alice Springs in the NT.

Melanie enjoyed meeting and working with some communities and local people in these areas.

While living in Alice Springs she was priviledged to listen to His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, share his wisdom and receive his blessing when he visited Uluru in 2015.

Darwin Pilgrimage